The Note Through The Wire is a wonderful tribute to an amazing relationship and the struggle Bruce and Josefine had to be together - a true love story. I felt I was right there in the story with them.
— Margaret, Tawa
I am not an avid reader as too often I am disappointed, however what a revelation The Note Through The Wire has been. I was totally engrossed from the beginning and now understand the expression ‘I couldn’t put it down’
— Kären Ashton, Noosa
The Note Through The Wire is fantastic. It receives a huge thumbs up from all of us. It really would make a great movie…
— Craig Thompson, Wellington
It’s a stunning read! I couldn’t put it down...
— Wayne Gillett, Dunedin
I started it yesterday and literally can’t put it down. I think it’s an excellent read.
— Angela, South Canterbury
... an excellent read.
— Ross, Tawa
The Note Through The Wire is doing the rounds of my book club and everyone is amazed at the story.
— Frances Stuart, Picton
I have really enjoyed reading the adventure/love story. Really amazing.
— Ross Collinge, Lower Hutt
I have spent most of yesterday and today reading The Note Through The Wire and could not put it down. I shed a tear or two while reading the adventures they went through.
— Pam Miller, Timaru
... a really great read and a real eye opener on what Josefine and Bruce went through! Really amazing!
— Andrew, Dubai
Have been enjoying reading The Note Through The Wire - can’t put it down. Can’t wait for the movie!
— John de Crom, Otaki
What an amazing book.
— Dejan Kirbis, Wellington
I really enjoyed The Note Through The Wire. What a well-researched and gripping story of love and courage under the adversity of war.
— Peter Juriss, Marlborugh
A mesmerising book - once you start reading it’s very hard to put down. Highly recommended.
— Peter Savage